BIRSt is the first UK student run internet radio station.


We bring you this archive giving you a chance to hear just about every programme ever made for us. You can browse the programmes by year, or you can look for a particular producer via the ‘hamburger’ menu.

Launched in 2000, BIRSt (Bournemouth Internet Radio Station) is a unique, award-winning ‘on-demand’ Radio Station delivering Comedy, Drama, Features, Sport, Specialist Music, International & Experimental productions on your schedule, whenever you choose.

We are now in our 17th year and continuing to push quality radio content globally through social media and on demand listening as is now reflected in the industry.


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BIRSt Remembers David Bowie: The Man Who Changed the World

In this special documentary, the BIRSt team take you through the history of the Starman. We discuss his films, the collaborations, the fashion of David Bowie and how he inspired people across generations. This is our personal eulogy.


BIRSt Remembers David Bowie: Bowie In Beckenham

An insight into the early years of Bowie’s life and musical influences. Michael Dale spends time sharing memories and music with the people who lived closest to him and saw his first performances. This programme was made a few months before David Bowie passed away in January 2016.



A short piece about the Hampstead Heath men’s swimming pond follows the members of the Life Buoys swimming club who swim at the ponds every day of the year – even through the coldest days of winter, when they have to break the ice on the surface of the pond.


Fireside 5: Poetry and Music? What, Together??

Fireside is the folk, poetry and whatever-we-like sharing space. We have Stef Mo, Norman Hadley, Silvia Silvy and a bulk load-more to show off to you.


Nirvana at Reading Festival 1992: The Story of Tony the Interpretive Dancer

It's 1992 and Nirvana are playing their last ever UK show. But there was an extra person on stage that night. A man named Antony, aka 'Tony the Interpretive Dancer'. He danced wildly on stage and stood for everything the grunge scene epitomised: rebellion, passion and togetherness.


Walls Have Ears

A programme that poses the question – where does sound go? Well the result might sound a bit like this...


Postcard from a Postcode: London SE1

Walk the boundaries and zig-zag through London SE1 with this audio postcard.


Stars of the Musical Underground

The Chislehurst caves were an unlikely music venue in the 60s & 70s. Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones played with local boys David Bowie and Peter Frampton and many more. This is the story of those concerts in the caves.


Climbing with Chris

Here’s a glimpse into the vertical world of rock climbing. Christopher Brooke straps on a microphone and goes climbing on the cliffs of Swanage in Dorset.


We Are the Robots: The Voyage of the Vocoder

Tom Eames gives a brief history of various robotic styles of singing since the dawn of popular music, from the vocoder, talk boxes and Auto Tuning. Features clips of many tracks from various genres.


Fishing for Love on the Net

One man’s quest for love on the internet


The Skiff Skats

This is the story of the Legendary former founding fathers of cow punk, The Skiff Skats. They aimed low and they missed.


Over the Heath

An original drama set in the 1940s, with romance, intrigue and wicked crimes…


BIRSt Has Ears

Last year, the BIRSt Team won the Silver Award for Best Station – we thought you’d like to hear why explores the future of radio.



A colony of teabags struggle for survival upon the hazardous plains of the kitchen.


Viking Creation Myth

The Vikings are known for their raping and pillaging of the British Isles.


Kwik Classics Presents… Wuthering Heights!

All you ever need to know about Emily Bronte’s romantic masterpiece in just five minutes.


You Say Tomato

We may both speak English but Americans and Britons are definitely talking in different languages!


Three Minute Pop Song

The 3 minute pop song is given a hard time, but three minutes, can do a lot…


The World of Sausages

They've been around since the days of Ancient Greece, and in the UK we scoff millions of them each day. But what are they?


Digging for Jimmy Page

What's it like to work for Led Zeppelin guitar legend Jimmy Page? Paul Renn was employed by Page as a gardener and tells us his story.



A short piece about an unforgettable day, the 11th of September.


Kinky Friedman: Being Kinky

Kinky Fiedman started out as a country singer. Now he writes detective novels. On the way he’s toured with Bob Dylan, had dinner with Bill Clinton, and been voted ‘Male Chauvinist of the Year’.