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Get to know 2016 BIRSt team member Allison Blaes in the ’24 Years On The Brightside’ series.  Each episode hear a story from a different year in her life.  It’s the second episode in the series and Allison’s first ski trip or ‘Year 5’. The trip may have its ups and downs, but all turns out fine with life on the “Brightside”.

On the next episode, hear ‘Year 10’, Allison’s first (and last) musical performance.

This episode airs at 17:00 GMT on 16 March.  Tune in every Wednesday at 17:00 GMT for the remaining episodes.


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’24 Years On The Brightside’ was recorded in front of a live audience.

Reader: Allison Blaes

Producer: Allison Blaes and Kieren Thomson

Writer: Allison Blaes

Composer: Michael L. Worrall