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Yang Ning

By 8th of February 2010The Teams


Sometimes, I feel scared!
But I know listen carefully; I can feel the magic from the bottom of my heart!
Sometimes, I feel anxious!
But I know listen carefully; your voice is reassuring and empathetic.
Sometimes, I feel lonely!
But I know listen carefully; you are always there, like a friend that never betrays!

How can one thing attract such an amazing fascination?
It makes me come here far from my lovely China by the long way traveling. It makes me pleasant, strong and rewarding! It rules my kingdom without a sword!
Where there is “listening” there is radio!

I am Yang Ning. Take a chance with me-
Close your eyes, listen to your heart!


2008.9-2011.7    Communication University of China

Master’s Degree

Major in Radio and Television Arts

2004.9-2008.7    Communication University of China

Bachelor’s Degree

● Major in Director of Radio and TV

● ranking No.1 in the major, continuously got the Three Big State-class Media Scholarship (2%, CCTV, CRI, CNR) 3 times

● Recommended for postgraduate

2006.9-2007.7   Communication University of China

Second major      Broadcasting and Hosting Arts

Work Experience

2008.10-2009.4   Magazine Press of Reference to the Creative Industries


2008.7-2009.4       RBC (Radio Beijing Corporation)

Producer & Writer Movie Night

2008.7-2008.10      RBC, Arts Channel

2008.10   Writer of Chinese personage

2007.11-2008.8      RBC, Life Channel

Journalist & Producer of Case Tonight

● l went to get the first hand files from law courts, inquisitors and police stations, talked with criminals, judges etc. face to face, then I finished the program all by myself. And then pushed the program onto Law and Life(magazine), Democracy and legal system(Paper), New Broadcast (Paper).

2005.9-2006.4      Publishing the Book Running! Microphone


First Author

●Running! Microphone is mainly for the 2008 Olympic. It firstly take the sports media as the primary coverage, which including interviews of 28 eminent figures in contemporary Chinese sportscasts(including Guoli Ma, Qiaosheng Han, Bin Zhang, Jianxiang Huang, Jianhong Liu), and it has published and distributed in Apr.2006.