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Wei Chuan Chao (Laura)

By 8th of March 2004The Teams

Interest: Travel, being a radio DJ, listening to music, watching films,thinking and having ideas.
Interested Programmes: Music Programmes (feature or documentary especially).
Dream about: Running a music channel in Taiwan, travelling all around the world.
Best Moments: Carnival in Rio, interviewing some important people (which rarely happened).
Degree: BA, Radio and Television Broadcast, National Taiwan University of Arts.
Experience: BCC(in Taiwan), SBC(now as MediaCorp in Singapore), ICRT(in Taiwan), MTV Mandarin, HIT FM(in Taiwan).
Positions: DJ, Producer-presenter, Music Programmer, Programming Manager

After being here, I realized there is always more to explore and learn about, even though it is only a small thing. Wish I will have plenty to share with my peers and pals back home by the time when I can call myself an MA.