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Vicky O’Connell

By 29th of November 2017The Teams

BIRSt 2017

Vicky is the Comedy Commissioner for BIRSt and is on the look out for great new comedy for Radio. This varies from sit-coms to sketch shows or panel shows to quizzes: anything that will tickle her funny bones!

Vicky is a dedicated lover of BBC 6 Music and Radio 4. She enjoys a good laugh, art, culture and history and also likes dogs and crisps….although not necessarily in that order.

When asked, Vicky mentioned her dream job would be to be a manager of a stationary shop on a desert island where she could host her own radio show in the evenings.

The weirdest, most wonderful thing about Vicky is that she owns a lock of the late great Joan Rivers’ hair which she scooped up from QVC Shopping Channel whilst there as a guest. Vicky can also tie a cherry stalk in a knot using only her mouth!