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The Unprofessionals: Series 2 – Episode 2

By 24th of March 20112011, Comedy

It’s finally here! As you have no doubt been tense ever since the first episode of Series 2 way back in 2011, we’d thought it only fair to FINALLY release episode 2. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s time to sit down and listen to the crack team of comedians and writers as they tackle the subject of time travel. Come on a journey with us that puts Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to shame, as we meet that “loveable scamp” Genghis Khan, Truelad favourite Adolf Hitler and find out What The Wizards Did For Us, amongst other sketches. Watch out for the appearance of brand new talent Tom Harrison!

WARNING: This programme contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature that some listeners may find offensive.

Cast: Simon Jay, Tom Harrison, Darren Britton, Sophie Petzal, David Ruddock, Henry Fosdike, Guy Larsen and Caitlin Evans.
Writers: Scott Castle, James Cottle, Peter Fellows (Head Writer), Tom Harrison, Jake Holdsworth, Matthew Lavender, Lloyd Morgan, Maxim Sorokopud, Milla Tuokkola, Petter Vilberg, Josh Vince and Owen Watts.
Creator: Scott Payne.
Producers: Will Hahn, Christopher Pike.