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The Strange House

By 2nd of March 20002000, Features

In his poem “The Strange House, Max Gate AD 2000”, Thomas Hardy imagines the people living in his house in the year 2000. Andrew Leah is that person and he opens his doors and invites you on a tour of Max Gate:

More from Andrew about Thomas Hardy & his house:

I would like to thank Andrew Leah, the tenant of Max Gate for his time and enthusiasm. You can visit the Max Gate Website for further details. The music featured in this programme is “Rosaline Castle”, played by The Yetties on the instruments of the Hardy Family, including Thomas Hardy’s own violin, his father’s violin and the family Cello. I would also like to thank Sean Street for his contibution both as an expert on Thomas Hardy and as the male voice in the poem. Jo Street is the female voice and Matt Collins read the poem “Shut out that Moon”.