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The School Run is a series of shows, devised by Mr Benjamin Van Hook Esq., where members of Birst play the songs of their childhood..or songs they want to haunt your dreams with.

This time Jaspar takes you waaay back to the late 80s and early 90s with his selection of tracks from the likes of Yazz, Kenny Loggins, Jerome Kerne, Beats International, Jonny Lang, John Mayer and The Smashing Pumpkins…oh and no Kpop. Promise.

There seems to be a thing about posting pictures from our childhood in these things..well we didn’t have fancy digital cameras back in my time, no siree bob, so I’ll just give you some pictures of my cats and dogs.



        Sasha, only the finest coffee wakes her up in the morning..



                         Pandora The Explorer surveying her kingdom



               Honeysuckle – Weapon of Mass Distraction


Presented and Produced by Jaspar Grinling

No 90s dance bands were hurt in the making of this programme….