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The Bell Chimes Midnight

By 14th of March 20112011, Drama

The Bell Chimes Midnight is a BIRSt and Stagepunk production that is going across Bournemouth this week at midnight on Nerve Radio (BIRSt’s sister station). We will be publishing them right here on BIRSt Radio for you to listen again.

It will haunt your dying souls eyes! At the turn of the century, four disparate figures are summoned to the mysterious Bromide Manor: a lovesick orphan, a crazed scientist, a Russian occultist and a stormy Colonel. But are they all there for the same reason…? (Probably Not) – These four investigative young bucks are about to spend an unforgettable night in a now Grade II listed building.

So stay tuned  for the first instalment: Footsteps Approaching, on BIRSt on 24th March, but for now check out the promotional extract above!

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  • Hannah Rolfe says:

    I’m excited. Episode1 today. This will be the real test, and I can’t wait to hear it! Let’s hope others see the funnyside to the whole thing and enjoy the production,especially as it was all prepared in less than a week.