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The Bell Chimes Midnight: 3 – 14’33”

By 7th of April 20112011, Drama

As part of the Nerve FM broadcast BIRSt Radio was commissioned to record a series of horror shows written by undergraduates at Bournemouth Uni, these are being hosted on the BIRSt webpages for all to see after the initial broadcast.

This week’s episode CHAPTER 3: 14’33”.

We find out what is revealed behind Demetri Klutz’s smashed off face. The foursome have a little nap and Dr. Alice Hopscotch’s arm starts to behave erratically, causing much mental distress to rest of the team.

Produced By Christopher Pike & Hannah Rolfe.

Tune in next week 14th April for episode four of The Bell Chimes Midnight- CHAPTER 4: PERESTROIKA IN D MINOR. Or subscribe to our RSS feed for regular updates!