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Welcome, pull up a chair.

Herein you will find the story of two men – a true story of how one man nearly brought the world the brink of nuclear war – and another who brought us back.

This is the story of Valentin Savitsky and Vasili Arkhipov.


Supplementary Material:



The Submarines travelled from the Arctic ocean, past Canada and into the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean. A trip of roughly 7000 miles.


Vasili Arkhipov


Anticipated range of Soviet missiles deployed in Cuba.


Photography from US Spy planes over Cuba – 14th October 1962



President Kennedy’s address on Cuba from 22nd October 1962 (Courtesy of David Von Pein’s JFK Channel)


The UN Security Council Meeting 25th October 1962 (Courtesy of LivelyTK YouTube Channel)


Presented, written and produced by Jaspar Grinling.