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Steve Lanham

By 18th of March 2008The Teams

Since his early teens, Steven has harboured dreams of working in radio. The route he took was to take a degree in Media Studies at Portsmouth University, dabbling in university radio while studying. During this period Steven also experienced work in advertising at Triangle Television (part of Saatchi & Saatchi) where he first came into contact with sound editing and production software. Steven decided the best way for him to get the career he wanted in radio was to take a more specific course on the subject, hence how he ended up studying an MA in Radio Production at Bournemouth. His overall aim is to work in comedy and hopes to use this year as an opportunity to write and produce comedy of his own, as well as dabbling in documentary and all manner of other subjects. Steven also has a keen interest in music and sport broadcasting, as well as an abnormal fondness for politics.