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So Much So

By 16th of February 20112011


Steve Biddle is a poet and writer from Bournemouth, UK and has recently published his first book, titled “So Much So”.

Inspired by the use of pictures and social networking websites, such as Facebook, Steve’s poems cover a wide range of subjects. Join Steve as he discusses his project and gives you an insight into the life of a writer.

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Join the discussion 3 Comments

  • Steve Biddle says:

    Tom Thanks so much I love this radio interview, its better than I possibly imagined 🙂

    Thank You


  • Sue Rainsley says:

    What a brilliant interview! What is so great about Steve is that he is incredibly kind and very modest and he always encourages everyone to have a go at poetry too! Poetry is such an important extension of music and lyrics.. Great photos in his book too. I really hope that he is able to be a Glastonbury poet. That would be quite amazing!

  • Bob Hill says:

    This is a really good interview and great poems. Agree with Sue Rainsley, Steve is always very encouraging.