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SHED FM! – Episode 1

By 9th of May 20142014, Comedy

From the proud village of Corenmow nestled deep in England’s golden valleys, it’s SHED FM! The best thing to happen to community radio since whatshisface interviewed that bird off the telly, it’s SHED FM! Eurovision! Poets! God! Quality amateur theatricality! SHED FM! Join your hosts, Jim Kettle (Wiltshire Librarian of the Year Runner-up 1983) and Tyler Tiler for a show jam-packed with stimulating chat, culturally empowering guests, and “tunes” that will definitely have you villagers getting your funk on.

Written and Produced by Joshua Ward and Dan Luxton. Religious additions by Richard Alexander. Performed by: Dan Luxton, Joshua Ward, Liz Green, Kate Staunton, Hannah Adams, Richard Alexander, Ben Simmonds.