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Selina Griffiths – Profile

By 3rd of February 2011The Teams

Selina has had a keen interest in music, sound and recording since a very young age.  One of the first and best gifts Selina has ever received was a gift from her mother at the age of Four, it was a cassette player containing the ‘Let it be’ album by ‘The Beatles’, from then on Selina much preferred listening to the rocky, up-beat and interesting sounds of Paul, John, George and Ringo rather than any Disney audio she had ever listened too before.  Selina’s dad would also create mix tapes for her to listen to, which opened her mind to different genres and types of audio.  Another gift that the cassette player gave to Selina was the ability to record and with the use of blank tapes, she recorded and re-recorded her own voice, songs and surrounding which then lead to her own ‘imaginary’ radio shows, from then on recording sounds and creating audio become a huge part of Selina’s life.

Since then Selina has obtained a solid academic background in Popular Music and Performance; having achieved a B-TEC national diploma in Acting, Selina then went on to complete a BA (Hons) degree in Popular Music at Wolverhampton university, Studying at university has given her the chance to perform live as a vocalist at well known venues across the midlands and truly learn about the craftsmanship behind making exciting audio such as the production techniques The Beatles really used in their recordings.

The cassette player containing ‘Let it Be’ still lives and works today and is kept on top of a wardrobe at her mothers house, and although it will always be treasured in Selina’s heart she has now swapped her use of it for a shiny new computer, audio equipment and an exciting Masters in radio Production. With such a strong passion for music and creative audio Selina aims to work in specialized music and experimental radio, however since starting her MA in Radio Production at Bournemouth university in 2010 she is very keen to use her new knowledge to engage in a variety of genres for radio, with this in mind she looks forward to hopefully creating some very interesting content for BIRST.