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Saving a Life but Losing your own: The Story of Oliver Sipple

By 4th of May 20102010, Features

Oliver Sipple is not a name many are familiar with but he is a the man who prevented the assination of President Gerald Ford in 1975. However, after performing his heroic actions he lost his private life and with it a secret he’d kept for a long time. Oliver Sipple wont be remembered, but his story should be.

I am fascinated with great stories. This piece is designed to be like the story: very simple. I only found out about Oliver Sipple a few days ago and felt like it was a story that should be told so put together this little piece. It is not meant to be groundbreaking radio, it is simply a story I thought should be told.

The 2 music tracks used are:
Volcano Choir – Island, Is.
Bon Iver – Re: Stacks

Written and Produced by Matt Harrison