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Samuel Burch

By 8th of February 2010The Teams


As a 27 yr old Crystal Palace fan my experience in radio began when I was a second year student at Southampton University in 2006. As a mad keen football fan I fronted a football chat show loosely based on The Monday Night Club from 5 Live, where I and two friends discussed the key footballing issues of the week until our graduation in 2008. This was great fun and a superb exposure to radio.

Anyone who meets me however knows my true love in live is the great Crystal Palace FC and I have been all over the country and indeed the world following them having seen them live on pre season in Europe and America. Indeed I was even knocked out of my wheelchair celebrating a playoff winning goal at Sunderland in 2004.

Other radio experience includes working with SCOPE on ‘Speaking For Ourselves’ an oral history project recording life stories of older people with Cerebral Palsy in 2005. As well as this I am a full member of Hospital Radio Reading since December 2008 and was involved in a photographic project for Crystal Palace Centenary exhibition to highlight access issues to football grounds. These photos were taken by Philip Colvin and are archived at The National Football Museum Preston