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Rory Stagg

By 21st of February 2014The Teams

73Being raised in a music loving family it was inevitable I would become obsessed with music myself and for as long as I can remember radio has been my first port of call for listening to and discovering new music. As I’ve grown up my interest in radio grew as I started listening to different types of programming.

While studying at Cardiff University I joined the student radio for fun but it wasn’t long before the radio bug bit. As my interest in my degree faded my ambitions for a career in radio grew while producing (and occasionally helping present) a new music show in my final year. Experiencing the various highs and lows of working in live radio solidified my desire to work in the industry.   While at Bournemouth I’m hoping to expand my radio skill set to other radio genres, refine my music programming abilities and raise my producing and presenting abilities to a professional level. By the end of my time here I hope to be able to be a valuable member of any radio production team, and particularly hope to work in music programming.