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Rope: Part One

By 27th of February 20112011, Drama

Brandon and Charles have just murdered their fellow student in cold blood as part of a macabre plan to prove their superiority-and right to kill-and now plan to flaunt their newly found power by hosting a party with their unfortunate victim dumped in a chest in the living room. But when guilt starts to press on their minds, will their wily lecturer (and inspiration for the deed) discover their grisly secret?

Based on the play of intrigue and mind-games by Patrick Hamilton, starring John Berkeley Grout as Brandon and Daniel Lily as Charles.

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  • Evie says:

    I found this link through a friend and felt compelled to comment on it! I like how unemotional but still rather unhinged your Brandon sounds. 🙂 Kind of whimsical and awed about what he’s done but not moved to the remotest level of panic. The ticking really works as it creates both a calming effect and a sense of ‘uh oh, time’s ticking guys, you’re in trouble’ and reminds me of the Tell Tale Heart by Poe, making a further undercurrent of ‘uh oh’ – it’s also very nice and rhymthic and works well by not overpowering the words or being so distant you don’t register it. Very impressive!

  • Jenny Pullan says:

    Thank you very much 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed it!