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Rich Ledoux

By 10th of March 2006The Teams

Rich, 28, is an American citizen who studied Communications there, graduating in 2001 with a Bachelor’s degree. Unsure of what he wanted to do with that, he’s had various jobs from working in customer service to working as a bail bondsman. Realizing he would still like to utilize his creativity, he has decided to return to school to take advantage of a more specialized course. And what better course than one offered by England’s top media school at Bournemouth University? Also realizing radio’s potential in this technologically evolving period that is reshaping the way we listen to radio, he wanted to take advantage of its growing market. Rich was pleasantly surprised and is fascinated by radio in this country. Having mainly been limited to commercial radio in America, he is enjoying the introduction to radio features, documentaries and drama. He is also really welcoming the chance to work with his own ideas on such projects. Rich’s interests include music (he’s an avid listener and plays the guitar a bit), staying physically active with hiking (another reason he loves being in a new country), running and going to the gym. Rich feels embraced by English culture and is enjoying living and studying here so far.

Listen to Rich’s audio biography: