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Phoenix X15: SKEEG Transmission: Phoenix Attack

By 22nd of March 20112011, Drama

As part of a cross platform project, the story of the sci-fi series ‘Phoenix X15’ is told partly through radio.

It is 2046 and the country has been taken over by militant techno geeks known as ‘The SKEEG’. Civil war between the SKEEG and their enemies has reduced the country to ashes and rubble, and those who live under the tyranny of the SKEEG barely come out of their houses. However, hope lies with a small group of escapees and their resistance movement known as ‘Phoenix’ who begin to try and fight back against their government. Through the radio episodes we hear the broadcasts that the SKEEG make to their people. In this episode, we get a glimpse into their strange cyber world and we also discover that a recent attack has been made on one of their bases…

Check out http://www.phoenixx15.com/ for more of the story.