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Phoenix X15: SKEEG Transmission: Anna’s Capture

By 28th of April 20112011, Drama

As part of a cross platform project, the story of the sci-fi series ‘Phoenix X15’ is told partly through radio.

The second episode in the series ‘Phoenix X15’ takes us further into the mysterious world of the SKEEG, and leaves u wandering about the nature of their existence. Are they still human? Why is going outside discouraged? And who are ‘the servers’? We also discover that the SKEEG are still holding some of the Phoenix Resistance fighters hostage in the infamous SKEEG prison, ‘The White Room’. Tune it to find out what their fate will be…

Through the radio episodes we hear the broadcasts that the SKEEG make to their people. In this episode, we get a glimpse into their strange cyber world and we also discover that a recent attack has been made on one of their bases….

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