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Phil Shakeshaft

By 18th of March 2008The Teams

From a ripe young age, Phil contributed to a number of shows across a range of radio stations, slaying them with a dynamite blend of Toto Coelo and ZZ Top – before he finally settled into a proper job.

Phil enjoys making a fool of himself at the expense of the respect of his peers. He means well because at the end of the day, he only wants to be your friend.

He is inspired by, and looks up to, every single person to have ever worked in radio.

As a typical Radio Four junkie, Phil cannot start the day without John Humphries and Today. He cannot end the day without the Shipping Forecast and “Sailing By”.

His favourite radio show of all time is the American late night talk show “Coast to Coast AM” and its creator/presenter Art Bell. In particular, his radio heroes are: Tommy Boyd, Douglas Adams, Danny Baker and Iain Lee.

His dream would be to earn a place in the BBC Light Entertainment hall of fame. Failing that, he would be happy with a blog and a podcast every now and then.