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Pete Sale

By 8th of March 2004The Teams

 Peter studied Media with Cultural Studies at Southampton Institute, where he had a weekly show on the student radio station, graduating in 1997. Since then, he has been fulfilling his desire to travel the world visiting Russia, Vietnam, and New Zealand amongst others. He has recently returned from a two-year stay in the mountains of Japan, where he taught English in a high school, and took regular advantage of the excellent snowboarding conditions. Since returning to the UK he has had trouble using a knife and fork, and often bows deeply and respectfully for no apparent reason. As well as travelling, Peter has a passion for music and is an avid vinyl collector. He sometimes unleases his limited DJ skills on the unsuspecting public. While studying at Bournemouth, he wants to produce documentaries and features about an array of contemporary issues. He also intends to make programmes which explain some of the weird and the wonderful things that he learned whilst travelling. Yosh!!