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Mog McIntyre

By 8th of February 2010The Teams

A mixture of both English & Scottish, Mog was originally born to the name Lee. Fashioned from a paint fight during school, the nickname has followed him around to today.

Spending  most of his childhood as a country bumpkin & cider-child in the South West of the UK, after picking up a degree in Management & Business at Exeter University he later moved towards London to look after customer measurement for a large electrical retailer – a job instilling a great breadth of knowledge in understanding, and making humour from, the general public!

It was during this time, through a side interest in hospital radio, the bug for broadcasting took bite. Initially assisting in the production of an evening show it wasn’t long before his habit of getting into random situations and aptitude for putting his foot in his mouth found him also being encouraged to present. The pinnacle of such embarrassment, singing Maximo Park to Steve Lamacq, not realising he was on the line before an interview. Mog later spent time living in Australia where he produced his ‘Cock-ups from down under’ series of podcasts documenting yet more random mishaps.

As a station manager for BIRSt, Mog not only gets chance to demonstrate his enthusiasm for radio production and presenting but mixes this with his background knowledge in marketing, branding & project management. Whilst making clear it’s only made better by the fact he gets to work with such a great team on the station.

In addition, he also presented the Tuesday morning breakfast show on Nerve* last year. Then in March 2010 as producer, lead the way in developing from scratch and running The Bigger Breakfast Show with Phill Jupitus, Jess Bracey & Guy Larsen; one of his proudest achievements to date.

Mog’s heart will always lie within comedy and despite appearing to not take things too seriously at times he never stops fluctuating between a balance of funny & serious. Equally happy to work on programs discussing sensitive issues & dark dramas as much as utilising his sense of humour to work on anything comedic.

As hard as he tries to hide it, Mog is the proud owner of an ‘inner-geek’ which escapes far too often over all things Science Fiction, or by demonstrating himself as a complete technophile – never without a latest gadget to hand. Always happiest when he’s on a beach or up a tree, you just need to varnish that with a love of tennis, gaming, photography and of course radio.

Oh…… and he’s also good at sums!