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Matt Harrison

By 8th of February 2010The Teams


I was born under a red autumn sky in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. In Bournemouth now via 3 years in Berkshire and 4 years at the University of Sheffield taking part in a long psychology experiment which in the end got called a “degree”. Whilst in Sheffield I discovered student radio and spent a year as head of music whilst presenting a punk rock show every week for 3 years.

I managed to get work experience at Radio 1 working on Zane Lowe’s show, whilst I was there I was referred to, by a laughing Colin Murray, as a “little git”, probably due to the fact that I spent 3 months trying to get him to play Boston’s “More than a Feeling” on his show, culminating in 15 minutes dedicated to me and a glorious rendition of More than a Feeling. Success in my eyes!

Zane’s assistant producer advised me to come to Bournemouth and take this course so I decided to take his advice. In my short time here I have already learnt that Radio 4 is cooler than I thought, Radio 3 is weirder than I thought and Q101 in Chicago get away with pretty much everything!

In January 2010 I took on 2 weeks work experience at the Somethin’ Else Sound Directions and co-produced features for BBC 6 Music’s The Music Week under the tutorledge of Ex-MARP, Tom Green as well as returning to Radio 1 to learn from the award nominated Charis Blyth about the  live production of the Radio 1 Rock Show. After completing 2 weeks, I was asked to return to Somethin’ Else to help on the production of the BRIT awards and also to start working as broadcast assistant on The Music Week. I have produced features on John Cale, Todd Rundgren, La Roux, Gorillaz, Eddie Kramer and many more.