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Luz Gutierrez

By 6th of August 2008The Teams

I am Luz Gutierrez, a Spanish girl 22 years old from a home-loving family. I have two brothers and two sisters, all of them older than me. I started to study in a nun school and I spent 15 years there until I went to University. My family is very traditional and I like this despite the fact that I have the most different personality in my house. I have always liked chocolate very much and the teddy bears, this has become my obsession. I always try to travel as much as I can and learn about different cultures, and the other thing I like more is to drive despite I can’t do it in the UK. Nowadays, I am very interested in radio this passion began when I used to listen to the famous Spanish programme “Anda Ya” which means “come on already” in the mornings. I have studied media and communication in England and currently, I am doing another degree in Spain about “Protocol and institution relations” in addition to my Masters in Radio Production. My aim is to reach to my own phone-in programme at night, in addition I would like to reach my PhD and to be able to teach in the University.