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Lorenza Samuels

By 8th of February 2010The Teams


Lorenza started her interest in radio presenting from a young age, sitting by her mother’s tape player introducing each track and dedicating them to family members. Over the years her taste and experience in radio matured and her passion for audio grew. Lorenza presented a music show on Brit Fm and was advised by her teacher, an ex BBC producer, that she had career prospects in the industry. He said, “that voice will do wonders” and today she enjoys using this in radio to present, produce and voiceover.

With a keen interest in theatre, and a love of writers such as Christopher Marlowe, Alan Bennett and Roy Williams, Lorenza was encouraged to go to Exeter University, where she gained a degree in Drama. Honing her skills in dramaturgy and scriptwriting, Lorenza proceeded to mould many of her plays into radio drama and sketches.

Whilst at university, Lorenza also took part on her student station Xpression Fm where she created magazine based shows. Winning an Xmedia Award for best female presenter helped Lorenza get experience on Gemini FM as a presenter and project manager. Gemini was a great experience and Lorenza loved working for a commercial station, producing shows that focused on young people’s debates and music. Since then, Lorenza has presented a breakfast show on a community station in Surrey, Spin FM.  Devising fun features to entertain her audience.

Lorenza is very excited to be a Station Manager for BIRSt, especially during the 10th anniversary! Her main goal is to produce and create comical, entertaining features that blend her talent in scriptwriting, musical taste and sometimes, obscure outlook on life. Her performative and creative persona allows her to tackle a variety of projects with verve and drive. Lorenza’s vivacious, vibrant, crazy, curious and innovative character needs an outlet and radio seems to be the medium which showcases her talents.