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Kathryn McDonald

By 10th of March 2006The Teams

Kathryn has trouble writing about herself in the third person and yet is readily willing to give it a go. Originally from East Sussex she is 23 years old and gained her degree in Journalism, Film, Broadcasting and Sociology after taking a gap year travelling. Always interested in a career in the media and yet unsure of a clear path, she first dabbled in the world of radio as a student at Cardiff University where she played a crazed character in a soap opera for three years. Realizing that acting was not among her few strengths she also tried her hand at producing a global music show and was hooked from then on. A radio geek was born. Kathryn has since done some work experience at the BBC and is very much enjoying the course. She now constantly rings her friends and family to talk about exciting things like microphones and Adobe Audition. They regularly roll their eyes and hang- up in boredom.

Kathryn’s overall audio ambition is to work in the hair and make-up department of BBC radio.