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Jen Shand

By 18th of March 2008The Teams

I’m Jen (or Jennifer, as my mother still insists on calling me) and I was born and raised in Derbyshire; home of the industrial revolution no less! After many years taking exams in sciencey things at school (and being quite good at it), I decided to become a musician. Escaping the Peak District, I went off to the very flat but interesting city of Kingston-upon-Hull, to get a BA in music. Discovering there that life as a jobbing musician would not be as easy as I’d thought, I decided to try something even more taxing. Egged on by my buddies at Hull University’s radio station JAM1575, I applied to study Radio Production here in Bournemouth.

So now I live a minute away from the beautiful sandy beach, and it couldn’t be better. Except that my life revolves around the constant pressure to come up with brilliant ideas for programmes! I now find myself thinking that day-to-day activities could be made into great radio, and I require a notepad and pen at all times, to jot down my fantastical thoughts.

I am mainly interested in making features and documentary-style radio, but I also have a great love for music radio, comedy and drama.

I hope you enjoy listening to my productions as they appear throughout the year. I’d love to hear what you think.