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Jamie Mitchell

By 15th of March 2007The Teams

Born in a small market town north of Belfast, tempered by four years in the Caledonian hotspot of Glasgow’s West End and adjusting to the south of England famously, Jamie has tasted the best of what these Isles have to offer. His love for Radio grew from a shambolic but comedic stint on University Radio, and it is there he realised his future (hopefully) lay in the airwaves that span the globe. His ambitions lie in the hands of production company managers and University tutors all over the world, but don’t let him know this as he believes that it is up to him to shape his career. If he knew the truth then all hope in the fruitfulness of his own activity would take the back seat to forgotten Canadian television series, sleep, and experimentation into the long-term effects of alcohol consumption and having a good time.

Listen to Jamie’s audio biography: