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Bournemouth University’s Radio Production Master’s students are proud to announce the 2016 launch of our online station, BIRSt.co.uk. Launched in 2000, BIRSt is a platform for audio creativity, featuring music, documentaries, dramas and more. We look forward to BIRSt launching officially on Monday 29th February at 2pm with our Leap Year Show where we’ll be sharing the best of what we’ve created so far, looking to the year ahead, and welcoming a special guest from our distinguished alumni.

The BIRSt team welcome you to be part of the launch by tuning in live to our show on Monday 29th 2-4pm, and by exploring our new website where you’ll find the shows we’ve already created, as well as 15 years of programming from the BIRSt archives. BIRSt online has had a make-over and we are proud to present our work on a platform which incorporates sound and images, creating a multimedia experience for our audience.

The Launch Schedule is:

14:00: Live Launch

16:00: Yelling at the Screen: Episode 2

16:40 : Best of the BIRSt Archive

17:00: Russian Trashy Hour

18:00: The BIRSt Review Show – February

19:00: Best of the BIRSt Archive

20:00: The Full Irish

21:15: Something Old, Something New: Episode 1

22:00: The BIRSt Launch

00:00: Midnight Metal Hour: Episode 4