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Inside Poole Museum

By 19th of May 20172017, Features

On a sunny day in March I arranged to meet Trudie Cole who is the Learning and Access Manager at Poole Museum. As a person new to Poole I wanted to find out more about my new home, the history and  to get a handle on what makes the place tick and so I headed to the museum to discover the treasures inside.

Poole museum is a wonderful introduction to the town and has a surprisingly large and varied collection of exhibits.

The museum is well worth a visit as there are three floors of galleries with incredible artefacts some of which date back to prehistoric times. I was excited to see a bit of the behind the scenes and  to take the opportunity to ask Trudie about her favourite exhibits.

If you want to head down and take in the sea air, the museum is open to all for FREE,  7 days a week and has a delightful cafe with a balcony and beautiful views over Poole Harbour, there is also  a Tourist Information office and a well stocked gift shop. Visit the website for more information: http://www.poolemuseum.co.uk/

Producer: Vicky O’Connell