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U2 get a hard time.

In 2014 the band were slammed for the release of their album Songs of Innocence, which was given away to 500 million owners of Apple ID accounts. The forcefulness of their usually trusted machines to listen to a certain type of music is bad enough, without it being a band that the wider public have a range of opinions on.

I started listening to U2 in 2000. At 9, my dad put tapes of their albums in the car and we, as a family, just became a family that liked U2, the same way we did with Kula Shaker, Blur or Robbie Williams: it just happened. Throughout my teens I found their songs for myself, and in 2016 I still adore the band I have done for the past 15 years. But need I defend them? Maybe.

Hopefully this special documentary, with music from the band’s 35 year career, goes some way to putting up a case for U2: not just as the biggest band in the world, but for a respected group of musicians. You will hear songs such as I Will Follow, New Year’s Day and Vertigo, as well as fans from their early days up to now.

Special Guests: Giles Newth, Sarah Stacey and Duncan Thomson.

Presented, Edited and Produced by Kieren Thomson.