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Henrie’s Music Show: YAAARD in session

By 1st of March 20102010, Music

It’s my first music show for BIRSt. Hear the brilliant dancing sounds of YAAARD as he’s in session. Check out his crowd pleasing cover of Chaka Demus and Plier’s ‘Tease Me’. YAAARD, or Chris used to be in a band called True Swamp Neglect and has played in my front room. He runs a label called Reckno and I suggest you check it out. He’s also a thoroughly lovely chap. Dougal also pops in to chat about Dragonball Z and why we should all watch it, if not just for the fact that giant dogs will rule the earth in the future.

Below is a full track listing for the show:

It’s a Lunken – Mk2
Wireman – Isolator
Zorch – Zut Alore!
Boris – Pink
Black Carrot – White Funk
Monomono – Kenimania (there isn’t much on the net about this band, but it’s from this record. And they have an album called Dawn of Awareness which is difficult to get hold of)
Tapes – Gold Loves Riddim
DOOM – Batty-Boys
Curst Sons – Hey Moon
Bad Manners – Skinhead Love Affair
Do Make Say Think – Do (it’s off the album Other Truths, not Do Make Say Think as stated in the show)
SESSION TRACK YAAARD – Theme from drums/Sky code

Thanks to the contributors: Dougal Patmore and Christopher Caitlin.

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