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Henrietta Rowlatt

By 8th of February 2010The Teams


After spending far too much of my life playing video games and telling other people how to play them (for money, not loads, but it paid the rent), I realised that what I really wanted to do was make great radio. I’d been writing for magazines such as Total Guitar, GamesTM and GamesMaster. It took a while, but I took the plunge out of work and into radio.

The brilliant thing about radio is that you can take an idea from its genesis, nurture it and then hear it in full stereoscopic sound. It’s much more immediate and affecting than words on a page or a website. My journalistic skills and experience certainly help when I’m making programmes. I’m at ease interviewing and sourcing material and research.

Radio has always fascinated me from an early age, twiddling through the depths of short and long wave to listen to distant voices from another continent. I’m mainly interested in music radio, my idea of a fantastic night out is watching a live band (much to my boyfriend’s disgruntlement). I hope to get as many live bands on BIRSt as possible. The Masters course at Bournemouth has widened my radio appreciation; features, drama docs and comedy are all things I’ve got in my current radio pipeline for BIRSt. Apologies for the horrific pun. I also play keyboards in a band called Animal Talent Show and I like pints of beer.