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Heidi Mikalsen

By 8th of March 2004The Teams

 Heidi’s first radio memory is from the native land of the Vikings – Norway, where aged 5 she heard Roald Dahls’ ‘The Witches’. Since then she has been hooked, creating her own radio programmes using a gettoblaster and her dad’s old country music cassettes. Later, aged 17, she went to work for the first female radio station in the world, the volunteer-based RadiOrakel in Oslo. Heidi enjoyed working at RadiOrakel so much that she tried almost every role the station had to offer. This includes: production assistant, music editor, presenter, producer for her own music show, studio manager and reporter. This enjoyment lasted from 1997 to 2000. After finishing school she decided to try something else other than radio, to broaden her views, and she moved to the UK to do a degree in New Media Production where she specialised in multimedia sound.

But in the back of her mind the love for radio still lurked, and she could not ignore it. In 2003 she was accepted onto MA radio production at Bournemouth University where she now enjoys long days in the studio.