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Harry Holgate

By 9th of March 2005The Teams

In 1996, when Harry was a wee lad, he did a week’s work experience at BBC Light Entertainment (Radio) and had a fantastic time. Much later, after some more school and three years of philosophy and literature (spiced up with a smattering of newspaper and radio work) Harry went to work in a publishing house, thinking it would be interesting. It wasn’t. Harry returned to radio, doing a week here, a week there at the BBC in London, Gloucestershire and Bristol as well as commercial radio and (spit) TV. None of this led to proper work so Harry became the first (and so far only) part timer on MA Radio. Harry has written and produced quite a few short features and plays, some of which have even seen the light of day… For fun Harry now works in film too as well as recording and producing live music while focusing on the joy that is radio…