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Hannah’s Late Night Cafe

By 24th of June 20112011, Music

My very first Presented music show,  inspired from an interview with DJs from the Cleantime Soundsystem.  What would you play at a Late Night Cafe?

(Warning! :  Please be aware that the forth song in contains explicit lyrics, which may cause offence)


Southside Johnny feat. Tom Waits : Walk Away

Bahofondo : Zitarrosa

Manu Chao : La Valse a Sale Temps

RJD2 / Jakki O : F.H.H

Frank Zappa : The Torture Never Stops

Morcheeba feat. Taj Mahal : Chevrolet Columbia

Unkle : Getting ahead in the lucrative field of Artist Management

Xavier Rudd : Energy Song

Michael Franti and Spearhead : Hey Now Now

Joe Vasconcellos : Preemergencia

Gorillaz : Melancholy Hill

Natty : July