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Fade to Dark

By 22nd of March 20112011, Drama

Lynet, the main character’s name, means ‘bird’ from Arthurian-legend.

The meaning of her name is suitable of her performance for while she dances, she is a bird, light and independent. As a dancer in her 20s, this busy and rushed world makes Lynet crazy. She feels she always has to be the best at everything, but for her the world is too much. The main story starts when Lynet takes an overdose of pills to run away from this busy life. She is trapped in her subconscious which is mysterious and unpredictable. Her dream becomes a nightmare and the creatures of the night frighten her. She tries to run, but they are always there. Lynet tried to escape from the real world and now she is trying to escape from her nightmare.

Performed by Sabreh Wilson.
Written by Kitty Bich Thuy Ta.
Sound Designed by Jennifer Pullan.
Produced by Marco Marfia.