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Dr Caity Hertz & the Noiseketeers: Trouble in the Jungle

By 6th of February 20172017, Drama

Dr Caity Hertz is a top sound scientist who works in the Super-Secret Sonic Laboratory. Along with Dylan the Computer and the Noiseketeers (that’s you!), she solves peoples’ problems with sound. This week, the intrepid explorer, Ace Connors, has found all the animals in the jungle have forgotten the noise they make, whatever will Dr Caity do…


Dr Caity Hertz & the Noiseketeers is a pilot for a weekly entertainment programme for children aged 4-6.


Dr Caity Hertz: Mary Locke
Dylan the Computer, Ace Connors: Nik de Garis

Producer: Nik de Garis.