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Dougal Patmore

By 8th of February 2010The Teams


My name is Dougal, I am 23 years old and hail from the Royal County of Berkshire. I spent much of my youth doing drama and living in a bit of a world of my own. When I got to University I found that I didn’t have an outlet for all the weird things stored in my head other than irritating my friends. However, a good friend came to my rescue asking if I wanted to appear on a radio show he was putting together. I jumped at the chance and loved it quickly finding that radio had the added bonus of not having to look at an audience with all the crushing nerves that brings. Having spent two years making some bizarre if not always very good radio at university I realised that I cared much more about having fun and making radio than my degree and getting a job. So I decided to make radio my Job, hence why I am at Bournemouth.

I am primarily a lover of speech radio with comedy ranging from The Goons to I’m sorry I haven’t a Clue via Blue Jam. I also have a love for the dark art of politics and so I spend large amounts of my time shouting at the radio as to how wrong they’ve got it all. Occasionally I do venture out of the world of speech radio into the realm of what is often referred to music searching for the weird and wonderful. However my main criteria for a radio programme is that it sounds different. It tries something new, pushes and plays with the boundaries of the medium. The more experimental the better I say, you’ll never know if something works or not if you don’t try.