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Don’t Feed The Animals – Pilot

By 1st of September 20102010, Comedy

Celebrating the re-launch of Durnovaria Zoo, new attractions are being brought in to make things bigger and better – but not for everyone! As we stare through to the animals behind that safety glass, we find there’s a whole other world staring back at you – and they’ve got something to say about it! The first episode finds that it’s not easy being green… or blue… or red when you’re a top thespian Chameleon. Resident counsellor Wart Hog is looking out for the new arrivals & we scratch the surface to the difficulties of of panda propagation.

Produced & Concept by Mog McIntyre. Writers: Christiana Brockbank, Rick Maughan & Graeme Comrie.
Audio Guide: Stephanie Fereday, Rodney: Ben Feiner, Chanelle: Cathy Feiner, Gertrude: Margaret Ball, Winston: Alastair Danson, Dad: Harry Susser, Boy: Oliver Jaques, Janey: Lorenza Samuels, Mum: Henrietta Rowlatt, Young Woman:  Judith Kinsella, Photographer/Zoo Keeper: Dougal Patmore.