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Do You Believe In Magic?

By 5th of March 20102010

Magic is everywhere. You just have to know how to look for it – or -listen for it. An everyday school run turns into a fantastic, musical journey for a boy and his father.

An audio equivalent of a Pixar movie. Oscar is tired and fed up with school – and it’s raining. Then he notices that the indicators are in time with the windscreen wipers and as soon as he realises this, then other things start to happen and the magic begins. For the next few minutes Oscar and his father are transported into an enchanted world of sound and serendipity.

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  • Henrie says:

    The biggest smile I’ve had on my face in ages!

  • Adam Parker says:

    What a lovely idea! I’m a TV man but really appreciate the wonders of radio.

  • Virginia Madsen says:

    Received an email saying it was your ten year anniversary, so thought I’d actually have a listen to what you guys are doing ‘up’ there. (I’m down ‘under’ in Sydney). Gave this little piece a try as I was looking for something different to play my students: reminding them that radio/audio storytelling could be more than words. Remember sound? (We’re exploring audio postcards) Was a joy to listen to first thing here on a sunny Autumn morning, before anyone else had arrived at work. Will play to my students next week! (And for my two little ones too, who will like it I’m sure).

    Keep on experimenting! Perfect length too.

  • Carla9 says:

    Ahh – warms the cockles that does! And it’s also very good, very inventive and what radio is so good for. Well done.