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Destination: Budafest – Episode 1

By 21st of March 20112011, Drama

After missing out on a lift Lydia is forced to travel with her sister’s friends Katie and Pippa on a long car journey to the music festival Budafest in Eastern Europe. Katie has just had a major fight with her boyfriend Josh and has decided to leave him and his mates behind to get to the festival on their own. Whilst Pippa tries to console her, Lydia reflects on her misfortunes and how there may be something suspicious with Katie’s behaviour…

To see Josh’s story, go to www.destinationx.co.nr or www.bustation.net

Cast: Caitlin Amy as Lydia, Sophie Petzal as Katie and Siobhan Bentley as Pippa.
Director: Giles Bartlett
Producer: William Hahn
Destination Budafest is a Destination X production.

Featured music:
Sloth by Drawings
I Think You’re Amazing by Bruno Mars
Bulletproof by La Roux