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Dermot Carr

By 8th of February 2010The Teams


Hailing from Ireland, Dermot was born and raised in the North West county of Donegal. Fast forward to 2005 a young lad of 18, Dermot left his hometown for the big city of Dublin. For three years Dermot attended UCD studying Philosophy and Psychology and it was during his time here that our hero began his journey into the world of broadcasting. Although he was studying the human condition and questioning the mysteries of the universe it wasn’t enough for him. While attending the Fresher’s week events he stumbled across the student radio stand and with a gleam in his eye he thought to himself ‘I’d like to give that a go’ and signed himself up to join Belfield FM.

After presenting his first show Dermot was hooked and came back week after week to the blue portacabin studio in the effort to perfect his broadcasting skills. A year had passed and upon his return to the station after the summer break he was given the opportunity to present and produce the stations Breakfast show Morning Glory (previously known as The Crusty Muffin Breakfast Show)for the next two years. In a blur of essays, exams and student antics (that raised many an eyebrow) his time at University had come to an end and alas so had his days of student radio.

With degree in hand and his first venture into the real world looming Dermot was left with the question…What to do next? Remembering his days of student radio Dermot looked towards producing radio professionally. With a change of scene on his mind he set his sights on the UK and it is here that he would learn the skills to make really great radio.

If you don’t believe me have a listen…..