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Dave Dodd

By 15th of March 2007The Teams

D.A.V.E. was constructed in 1976 by Professor Millennium Farnsworth of the Max-Spank institute, Geneva. He required the D.A.V.E. to work alongside him as laboratory assistant and test pilot. Farnsworth was a pioneer in the field of teleportation but the professor had little to show for his years of effort, save for a string of lab fires and the pending manslaughter charges relating to the deaths of his previous lab assistants. The D.A.V.E., in addition to the lab work, soon revealed a flair for mixing margaritas and arm wrestling. All was well until that fateful September afternoon.At 12:53PM on September 12th 1976 the Max-Spank institute was destroyed in an explosion so violent that it was heard twenty miles away in Geneva. The cause of that explosion has remained a secret, until now…
At 12:51PM on September 12th 1976 the D.A.V.E. stepped into Chamber A of the Institutes experimental teleporter. History does not record how the ripe avocado found it’s way into Chamber B, but there it was. The tracking computer, confused by the delicious yet unexpected genetic material, decided on two courses of action. The first was to combine the D.A.V.E. with the Avocado at a molecular level and teleport the resulting Davocado to England. The Second was to explode with such violence that it could be heard twenty miles away in Geneva. The Davacado was found shivering in a ditch by a kindly couple from Sevenoaks in Kent. Mr and Mrs Dodd raised the cybernetic-fruit-man as their own, eventually sending it to the university of Southampton, where it studied physiology. However, when released in 1998 it malfunctioned and reprogrammed itself to make money in the City of London. This it did as a fund manager for several years until, in 2004, it read an article about Podcasting and thought. “I’ve got to try that.” The result was HextheDex, a show featuring breakbeat music and amusing banter. Immediately the Davacado knew that it had found its calling, it wanted nothing more than to dedicate the rest of its life to making great radio.

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