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Cathrine Hasselberg

By 24th of February 2014The Teams

18Born and raised in Norway with the occasional leap years abroad, I came to Bournemouth last year to start my MA in Radio Production. The choice was not made completely at random however having discovered my passion for radio through working in both student and volunteer radio stations in Norway for the last couple of years.

My love for radio started when I got involved with the student radio station at the University of Oslo where I started out writing for radio theatre. I later moved on to volunteer at a local radio station producing and presenting a chat show and radio series with a political undertone. Within here lies my fascination with radio and the numerous possibilities it offers as a community builder and means for social change and activism which I hope to be able to work with in the years to come During this year I will focus on improving my abilities to make good features and documentaries and also produce live broadcasts from among others Café Scientifique in Bournemouth. One of my dreams is to draw inspiration from the many great radio projects both here in the UK and elsewhere, elaborating on them to create great programmes to fit the Norwegian market.