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In the third show of our Exchange series, we look back into the BIRSt archives and pass comment on some of the productions of years gone by. Through this lens, we discuss the importance and nature of archiving itself.

We also speak to Professor Hugh Chignell about some of his relevant work on ‘In the Dark’.


  • Postcards From Bournemouth: Matt Collins
  • BIRSt Has Ears: Various
  • Raindrops: Hannah Rolfe
  • Two Christmases Part 1: Tom Harrison
  • The Sweet Nightingale: Chris Pike
  • Trousers: Dougal Patmore
  • City Lake – Experience: Andy Goddard
  • She… : Charley Christopher
  • Two Christmases Part 2: Michael Dale

The BIRSt Archive Exchange was produced by Tom Harrison

The photo is used under a creative commons license and can be found Here