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Be You – A Student Soap Opera

By 4th of November 20132014, Drama

Love Actually collides with Hollyoaks in this epic tale of a love stricken student who goes by the name of Gary and his pal Mo, a shy lad but an absolute geezer at heart.

Episode 1: Mo arrives at his new student home and is greeted by Mark and “Trashy Tashy” before Gary enters the scene…but what happens next, let’s find out…
Produced by Thomas Bett

Episode 2: Gary finds a unique way to express his feelings towards Erica.
Produced by Megan Davies

Episode 3: Gary alerts the group to a sensitive matter concerning Mo.
Produced by Andy Goddard

Episode 4: Erica is struggling with juggling university life as a single mother and the strain is beginning to show.
Produced by Lee Hatchard

Episode 5: Awkwardness occurs when Mark and Tash bump into one another…
Produced by Lauren Hitter

Episode 6: As Tash’s problems begin to get to her, Mo provides a sympathetic ear.
Produced by Daniel Luxton

Episode 7: Gary has just met Erica and is freaking out.
Produced by Cathrine Hasselberg

Episode 8: Mark and Tash have a heated argument, with dramatic consequences.
Produced by Rory Stagg

Episode 9: Erica attempts to explain to her son the situation with Gary.
Produced by Charlotte Thompson

Episode 10: It’s party night and Mo and Gary take a short-cut.
Produced by Joshua Ward

Episode 11: In the season finale, Gary is ready to face his fears and declare his undying love for Erica. Will he finally make his move? Take a listen to find out!
Produced by Ashlee Yee

Gary: Andy Goddard
Mo: Abbhinav Katsura
Tash: Ashlee Yee
Erica: Hanna Paraply
Jack: Joshua Ward
Mark: Lee Hatchard

Other parts were played by members of the cast.